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I have asked myself this question for years.  I have watched people all around me continue to suffer with this symptom, or that pain, or some persistent infirmity.  Be that as it may, I have repeatedly tried to share my knowledge, experiences and miraculous results with the natural products I take, to no avail.  Here are two of the most common excuses I hear from people every day:

My Doctor advises against taking any products that he does not prescribe.

From my own research and experience, I have generally found two reasons why most doctors react this way.  They are stuck, and firmly believe in their “old fashioned” ways of medicine.  What they don’t know or understand, they can’t support.  The other reason is: They actually do know, and are up to date with new research, but they are close minded about natural supplements, because they do not want to lose the business.  That is so sad; unfortunately also true.

I can not afford to take Natural Supplements; they are too expensive.

Here is my answer to that excuse.  Stop listening to others!

Stop being closed minded about natural supplements.


Take a good hard look at our environment today; air-born viruses, toxic water, and poisonous chemicals being put into our foods and everyday household products.   Mammograms, cat scans and chemo treatments are not beneficial to our health.  Those treatments are dispersing large amounts of lead and mercury into our bodies.

We all need to set priorities in our lives.  Other than your “Faith in God” I would certainly hope that your first priority is your Health!

I made a commitment to myself many years ago, to put my health first.  I know it is a sacrifice.  I have suffered financially more than once, because of my decision.  I do not regret what it has cost me.  The benefits it has given me far outweigh any cost.

We need to change bad habits and bad products… to good habits and good products.  For some, it might be cutting back on fine dining, ordering a take-out pizza, going to the movies, or God forbid: drugs, alcohol and smoking.  Why would you choose to use products that are slowly destroying your health and shortening your life?   Using natural supplements that have been proven safe and effective will restore your health and extend your life.  To me this is a “no brainer” decision.

I do not know about you, but as for me, I Refuse To Let Old Age Control My Life! My dad is going to be ninety four years old in December.  I have watched him refuse to slow down.  He told me if you run fast enough, you will stay in front of old age.  I have always tried to apply that to my life.  So far the concept is working well.

I know that medications are necessary, and some work very well.  I stay up to date with research.  I see new commercials on TV every day where they are advertising some new “miracle drug.”  Then I listen to all the dangerous side effects that come with it.  The next commercial you see is a warning connected with a certain medication because it can, and has caused death.

People please!  Open your eyes and your minds!  Listen to what your body is telling you!  Stop being closed minded about Natural Supplements and give your body what it needs…

To Be The Very Best It Can Be!

Let Today Be The First Day Of A Brand New Life For You!!


Sunday August 8, 2010 at 6:50 pm

Lynn “lynnibug” Rios

Thanks for having the courage to say this!

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